Steven J Webster

Steven Webster

July 23, 2013

Hardware+Software: Disruption for a $1.5B+ Market?

By 2014, the oscilloscope market is expected to reach over $1.5B in size. In 2009, 35% of the oscilloscope market was in “low performance oscilloscopes”.  That in itself is a market worth taking a shot at share of.  And looking to take a shot at it, are companies like Red Pitaya. In my last post, - Read More -

July 22, 2013

(Hardware) Startups for (Hardware) Startups

Back in 2008, Paul Graham of Y Combinator shared some ideas of “startups we’d like to fund”.  In the same list of ideas for startups, Paul listed “Hardware/Software Startups” such as Meraki.  Since Meraki was acquired by Cisco 4 years later for $1.2 billion, I’d chalk that up to a fairly astute consideration. In the - Read More -

February 28, 2013

Next generation of gesture control?

Though technologies like Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion are bringing gesture based control of devices to reality, they still require a “field of vision” for the device to recognize and track gestures. I believe that real breakthrough in gesture and posture recognition will be about introspecting rather than inspecting the body, and I’m tracking closely - Read More -

December 19, 2012

Digital Health: “Prescription as a Service” ?

  A little research around the topic of my last post, had me stumble upon the “Reflexion Rehabilitation Medical Tool”.  This is another Kinect based occupational therapy tool, that is entering clinical trials at the Naval Medical Center of San Diego.  The software is designed to address musculoskeletal disease, which has a cost to Americans - Read More -

December 18, 2012

Digital Democratization of Healthcare

In an earlier post, I spoke about a passion for the intersection of digital and sport, and specifically the work of accelerators like Nike Accelerator, and RockHealth.  Another example caught my eye today, this time of some work that Microsoft is undertaking with the US Air Force, to leverage the skeletal tracking capabilities of Microsoft - Read More -

December 13, 2012

NUI (Natural User Interfaces) are getting out of touch

The launch of Windows 8, and a user-experience that is so much more delightful under the fingers, has heralded a point in time where we think about creating experiences that are “touch first”.  However, at the same time, there’s an incredible amount of innovation around Natural User Interfaces (NUI) that is anchored in speech and - Read More -

December 10, 2012

NikeAccelerator: The Intersection of Technology and Sport

Yesterday, I mentioned the intersection of technology and sport as an area of intense focus and interest for me.  Today, Nike and TechStars launched a new accelerator program, offering 10 companies $20,000 and 3 months of mentoring, to build applications upon the Nike+ SDK, Nike Mobile SDK and Nike Fuel SDK. You promised me Mars - Read More -

December 9, 2012

Innovation in the Intersections

The intersection of design and technology.  The intersection of hardware and software. The intersection of hardware and sport.  Of design and health.  Of technology and wellness.  Of design thinking and advertising, or education, or government. Innovation thrives in aN INTERSECTION It is in these intersections that I am fascinated by the opportunities for innovation. In - Read More -

April 10, 2012

Designing the Future at Microsoft. Come join me.

As I migrated this blog content, it would seem that since starting my own company in December 2002, I have been on a mission to bring rich user-experiences to market.  This is a journey that took me from a startup of my own (iteration::two) to an acquisition by Macromedia, and then an acquisition of Macromedia - Read More -

September 29, 2010

The Relevance of User Experience Design in eGovernment

“…the increasing expectation of users to have simpler, easier and more effective user-centered experiences in the enterprise is just as applicable to citizens and constituents in open and electronic Government”

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