Steven J Webster


July 23, 2013

Hardware+Software: Disruption for a $1.5B+ Market?

By 2014, the oscilloscope market is expected to reach over $1.5B in size. In 2009, 35% of the oscilloscope market was in “low performance oscilloscopes”.  That in itself is a market worth taking a shot at share of.  And looking to take a shot at it, are companies like Red Pitaya. In my last post, - Read More -

May 12, 2010

XOA Traits: Coarse-Grained Experience Components

XOA suggests that service granularity, and the services themselves, emerge from the needs of a presentation tier component, of an “experience”. Rather than hypothesize on the services we might want to expose we allow the user-experience of the application consuming the services to dictate the service

May 10, 2010

Experience Oriented Architecture (XOA) – Addressing the Failures of SOA

..the contentious position I wanted to take amongst a SOA audience, was that focussing on the SOA challenges like governance, fine grained versus coarse grained services, OASIS specifications and service bus approaches was fine and well, but it was missing the most important consideration in software development — that all of our efforts are in service of an end user, and that we must put them in the center of our approach.

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