The intersection of design and technology.  The intersection of hardware and software. The intersection of hardware and sport.  Of design and health.  Of technology and wellness.  Of design thinking and advertising, or education, or government.

Innovation thrives in aN INTERSECTION

It is in these intersections that I am fascinated by the opportunities for innovation.

In the intersection of design and technology, or of hardware and software, we are seeing the emergence of beautiful consumer products.  Perhaps the Nest thermostat might spring to mind.

In the intersection of design and health, the whole notion of the Quantified Self is a rich area of empowering individuals to own, and be pre-emptive, about their health and well-being.

In the intersection of technology and sport, we are only just beginning to explore how the Internet of Things – sensors in our shoes from Nike, Adidas, Garmin, paired with the phones in our pockets – can encourage us, coach us and connect us to likeminded athletes.

Or the intersection of design and entrepreneurship.  The Designer Fund, the Design Council and Design Fellows program at Kleiner Perkins, or the designers on staff Andressen Horowitz – Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms all recognize the value of design and design-thinking to help startups succeed in the disruptions they wish to create.

Innovation thrives in the intersections.

What are some of the emerging intersections where you think there might be a seam to be tapped, rich in innovation ?