I arrived last night in New York, and am looking forward to presenting at the Adobe Partner Community Day.  Tomorrow, our focus is on the “front of the glass”, and User Experience Design in the Enterprise, and we are going to be joined by a tremendous number of our design partners.  On Wednesday, we shift perspectives to the “back of the glass”, where we will be joined by system integrators and enterprise development partners.

I’m very much looking forward to delivering a presentation I’m calling, “Considerations for Design in the Digital Enterprise”, which shares some perspectives on how to bring cutting-edge and courageous user-experience design alongside enterprise software craftsmanship, to create the most simple, effective and compelling experiences in the enterprise.  From “Be on the lookout for thoughtless acts; they are where innovation hides in the open” to “Look for the tension between business goals and user needs; that is where innovation hides in the dark” I’m going to try and open up several different considerations in the context of some of the more recent work undertaken by my own team, on behalf of Adobe and on behalf of Adobe’s most strategic enterprise customers.

I’ll be tweeting live from the event using KeynoteTweet, and a video of the presentation will be made available afterwards.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear what considerations you would share, for how to bring cutting edge user-experience design to the enterprise, and how to blend such design with mission critical software engineering.