Drawing by the incredibly talented www.stephenwiltshire.co.uk

I recently spent some time with the Adobe Government team to discuss how the ‘consumerization of IT’, and the increasing expectation of users to have simpler, easier and more effective user-centered experiences in the enterprise, is just as applicable to citizens and constituents in open and electronic Government.  We captured our discussions as a series of 3 interviews that the Adobe Government team are posting over the coming days.

In part one, we have a general introduction to the Technology and Experience Innovation team at Adobe, what constitutes a typical day for the team, and broadly, the importance of user-experience as we see it as a complement to technology expertise.  In the interviews that follow, the team asked me about the importance of user experience in government, the relevance to the Open Government Initiative in the United States, and what we consider the future might be for digital experiences in the enterprise and in government.

I’d love to take some dialogue and questions to this blog, and here your own thoughts and ideas!   The first part of the video is here.