A little research around the topic of my last post, had me stumble upon the “Reflexion Rehabilitation Medical Tool”.  This is another Kinect based occupational therapy tool, that is entering clinical trials at the Naval Medical Center of San Diego.  The software is designed to address musculoskeletal disease, which has a cost to Americans of over $127 billion per year.

You can see the software in action here, and be struck as I was by the similarities to fitness applications such as Nike+ Kinect  or Ubisoft Your Shape here.

Back in October, Reflexion Health raised $4.25 million in seed-funding from the West Health Investment Fund, to advance development of the software.

I’m curious as to whether the intention here is the notion of a disruptive business model, where rather than prescribe drugs, the prescription could instead be preventative and restorative therapy, that the patient can undertake themselves at home.

Spending on branded prescription drugs in the US alone, in 2010, was around $230 billion, so this is an interesting market for sure to try and disrupt with a software alternative, or even a software additive, to a pill in a bottle.

I wonder just how many opportunities there are for “prescriptions as a service” that can be delivered, administered, measured and monitored digitally, with low-cost devices and cloud-scale services.  I wonder the extent to which big data and analytics could be applied, so that the prescription itself could be optimized and tuned according to the measured effects of improvement on large clusters of patients.  Rather than conventional wisdom and research papers being the slow-pace of “innovation” in treatment techniques, could observation, measurement and big data analysis fine-tune and optimize healthcare on a patient-by-patient basis, in Internet time ?

Seems like an intersection worth investment of time and of money.

What other areas of healthcare do you think could be prescribed digitally with low-cost hardware and cloud-based services ?