As Alistair just posted, some of the most active Cairngorm contributors within the Adobe Consulting team met for the day on Monday, to discuss our various innovations and thoughts and ideas on how we move the Cairngorm projects towards a Version 3 release.  One of the outcomes of this meeting, was to re-ignite the idea of a Cairngorm committee that draws from Adobe Consulting, customers, partners and community leaders who are actively using Cairngorm to the degree we are, and who can provide counsel in future roadmap, drawing up the final charter for the project, and helping to manage the day to day logistics of running an open-source project.

What we’re looking for is representatives from companies, system integrators, partners, or from individual contractors and consultants who are actively using Cairngorm – on a near daily basis – in their engagements, to join a team of Adobe Consultants.  I’m very excited, as much as anything else, about the opportunity for collaboration this will create between Adobe Consulting and community leaders!

If you think you’d have energy to contribute and value to add to the team, please drop me a personal email to ("Steven").toLowerCase().substr(0,1).concat( ("Webster").toLowerCase(), "@", (("Adobe Systems, Inc.").split(" ", 2))[0]).toLowerCase(), ".com").

If you do manage to parse that above line in a way that a spambot can’t, and drop me an email, then I’d like to hear from you about the number of projects you have deployed using Cairngorm, something about the scale and complexity of these projects, the typical environments (Java, .NET, LiveCycle Data Services, Blaze DS, Data Management Services, etc) your projects are deployed in, the challenges you have faced, the innovations you have made in your own projects around Cairngorm, the number of developers that you have worked with and mentored in using Cairngorm, etc.  I’d also love to hear your thoughts around how you would want to contribute to the project, and the directions you think we can take.

We anticipate a number of different roles for participation, from the committee itself, to commiters, partial committers, etc.

I very much look forward to hearing from you!

(PS.  Alistair and I pair-programmed on the string above.  We also wrote tests, but if I put the tests here then I’d just be putting my email address in the assertion!