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I believe that innovation and opportunity lay dormant in the intersection of extremes.

hardware ∩ software

Chip Designer – Analog and Digital, VLSI and SOC.  Designed chips at the transistor level, drawing polygons of silicon, metal and polysilicon by hand, and at the abstract level.  Designed chips with digital synthesis and hardware description languages, literally coding in metal and silicon. Designed chips that are in your living room.  In your iPod, your laptop, your hi-fi, your mobile phone and your XBox.  And if you own a fighter aircraft, quite possibly in that too.

Software Engineer – building enterprise software in banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, military.  Creator and maintainer of open-source projects in cutting edge technologies.  One of the few who coined the phrase “Rich Internet Applications”, before all applications on the Internet were rich. Wrote the book. Twice.

And in the intersection, coding software that allows the seamless co-simulation of hardware and software, in the belief that one day, consumer experience would depend on not knowing where the hardware stopped and the software began.

technology ∩ design

From chips, to boards, to operating systems and drivers, from signal processing algorithms to desktop applications, from desktop to server, server to client, client to cloud.  I have left fingerprints on every level of abstraction.

The closer my code to the consumer, the more I realised I needed to bring designers and design-thinking into product creation.  2002, was the year of my design religion. From iteration::two (my own consultancy) through Macromedia, Adobe and now Microsoft, I have spent 10 years of my life building teams and capabilities, disrupting with design-led innovation.

My teams and I have disrupted many industries in this intersection of technology and design.

For Morgan Stanley.  NATO.  The NFL.  For Nike. Microsoft. And the Whitehouse.

entrepreneur ∩ intrapreneur

In the early 90s, I founded and ran one of the first online sports retailers in Europe.  In 2002, I founded a consulting organization that believed there would be a return to client-server models, with clients in the browser and servers in the cloud.  In 3 years, we became the world-leading consultancy in delivering Rich Internet Applications upon Macromedia technology, and exited in a sale to Macromedia/Adobe.

Inside of Adobe, I incubated and built an entirely new consulting organization, that brought design-thinking to technology consulting.  Together with my leadership team, we built a disruptive organization that delivered over $50M of services annualy, and many millions of dollars more in enterprise software.

Inside of Microsoft, I am helping to build and incubate a new organization that will disrupt an entire industry through Design thinking.

This organization will thrive in the intersection of hardware and software.  In the intersection of devices and services.  In the intersection of design and technology.

This is what I do.